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About Our Travels

In 8 years cruising by land and sea, with side trips by air or ferry, we covered the Caribbean, the Intercoastal Waterway, the western Atlantic Ocean, the Inside Passage, most of the USA and Canada, Mexico's west coast, bits of England and Wales, much of Scotland and the Hebrides, and part of Australia.

Our travel journals (blogs) give our locations, and information about navigation, weather, boat, and RV issues that arose, and lessons we learned. When cruising on Callipygia, we found (as we'd heard) that we spent 85 % or more of our time at anchor or in a marina, not always by choice. When in port we continued to wrestle with boat issues, and also found time to meet other cruisers, sightsee, read, write, and think. As we gained experience, we began to spend a greater proportion of our time on passages. Once we "swallowed the hook" and began land cruising, we spent a larger proportion of our time on the move and less time staying in one place.

Creating the journals for the web site was surprisingly useful when we were cruising because it required us to catalog and analyze our passages. This led to the creation of a database of statistics that were useful for passage planning. For each leg of our cruising travels, we collected log distance, chart distance, average boat speed through the water, time taken, and speed over the ground on the rhumbline, average wind conditions, average sea state, if motoring the average RPMs, and in the Inter-Coastal Waterway the number of bridge openings. Additionally, this review helped us internalize the lessons we learned along the way.

Reading the journals takes us back to relive our experiences, the places and adventures we've forgotten.


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