RV Travels in 2005

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         We started 2005 with Clemmie in storage in Charleston, SC. In early January we left to make a quick visit to dear ones in Raleigh, NC, then toured around Florida, the Everglades, and the Gulf Coast before heading up the Mississipi River. Later, we turned east to Maine and spent the summer in Atlantic Canada. You can join us via a slide show of that tour. The slide show starts with a more detailed route map. The fall found us driving south and west to end the year in Austin, TX.

            Our route is shown in red. Pushpins and dates indicate where we were during the year. Click on one of them to read the travel log (journal) for that particular period.

            In 2005, Clemmie took us 15,738 miles during 101 days travelling on the road.


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